Thursday, 21 August 2008

Country Music

Country Music - Songs For Keith Girdler Siesta

How can we conceptualize a tribute to one of the most influential personalities in our musical life? Well, to keep it simple this tribute is a pure labour of love and respect but also a worthwhile charity effort. “Country Music - Songs for Keith Girdler” is a polished compilation that was put together by Keith’s close friend, Richard Preece (Lovejoy) to raise money for the Martletts Hospice in Hove, the institution that looked after Keith so generously and devotedly. Siesta Records is very proud to release this compilation for this worthy cause. All proceeds from the sale of this cd will go directly to helping raise funds for the Martlet’s Hospice Hove (East Sussex). The contributing artists have all donated their talents for the merited cause. The record is not a mere document or chronicle, all songs are original in every sense, exclusive or unreleased and recorded or provided specifically for this project. We trust you will thoroughly enjoy this diverse group of talented and iconic people and contribute to charity. There are recovered treasures from the legendary Creation acts The Times and Biff Bang Pow! but also breathtaking performances of solid bands connected to the reference labels: Sarah, Siesta, Matinee, Marsh-Marigold, Vinyl Japan, Sub-pop and Elefant (The Orchids, Club 8, Louis Philippe, Would-Be-Goods, The Wake, St Christopher, Hal, Trembling Blue Stars, Aberdeen, Lovejoy…), and emotional forays of highly respected names such as The Clientele, Pete Fijalkowski or Love Dance.This 16-tracks record is an absolute must-have companion piece for all the fans of the catchy, witty, heartfelt pop songs that the indie scene has burgeoned over the last few decades (from C86 to the visions of labels such as Sarah, Subway, él or Labrador). There are numerous examples of fine songwriting, subtle sophistication and plenty of rich and interesting sounds within an inventive framework that evokes the spirit of Keith (do not miss the phenomenal and respectful cover versions of Blueboy’s songs by Louis Philippe, Love Dance and Lovejoy), his affinities and taste (he loved all these sounds). Everything is goosebump-raising. Think of this as an interesting companion to all his vast and vital body of work. A beloved and revered member of the indie pop community as the vocalist of Blueboy, Arabesque and Beaumont, Keith passed away on May 15, 2007 after a long battle with cancer. In addition to playing music, Keith also served as a social worker and as the Volunteer Services Manager at the Age Concern care facility in Eastbourne, England. Words cannot really come close to describing the feelings that we have about the sad loss of Keith Girdler one year ago. Both his music and personality made a lasting impression on us and we want the flame to keep burning through the release of this record. Keith wanted to be remembered with “happiness and smiles”. Tracklist: St Christopher “Can't Forget You”, The Wake “Crush The Flowers”, Pete Fijalkowski “Downsizing”, Lovejoy “Melancholia”, Hal “Down”, Trembling Blue Stars “Soft Evening, Brilliant Morning”, Louis Philippe “Lazy Thunderstorms”, Club 8 “What I'm Dreaming Of Is Something I Could Have”, The Clientele “Breathe In Now”, The Times “Sold”, Would-Be-Goods “I Believe You Cassandra”, Aberdeen “Baby I Don't Care (Instrumental)”, Love Dance “His London”, The Orchids “The Lost Star”, Biff Bang Pow! “Back To The Start” and Blueboy “80’s Diaries”. Highly recommended!